Hey friends!

My name is Lauren Paige and I’m thrilled you’ve found your way to my website!

Suppose that you stumbled upon it through a convo we had, a friend or social media - I am looking forward to getting to know you more!

After being in the Health & Fitness industry for the past 10 years I can confidently say I’ve seen it ALL and been on all sides of the spectrum. I’ve done clinical nutrition rotations while in school for Dietetics, worked with Pilates + Barre clients one-on-one and in the masses, owned a brick and mortar wellness studio, wrote a book on the subject, & offered nationwide teacher trainings. But nothing compares to what I get to do now…

Online Health + Fitness Coaching is where IT IS at y’all!

How so? Because we get to do life together.

We dig deep into the mindset work that is behind the yo-yo diets and plateaus while streamlining your whole fitness routine! And potentially most importantly, I won’t take away your carbs. Because that makes all of us cranky.

So whether you’re looking for a health overhaul, toning up to lose the stubborn last 5lbs or you're interested in the mentorship side of this - let’s chat.

You are worth it girlfriends.