How to stick to your nutrition goals this January.

Goals? Resolutions?
Call them what you will. Either way, they’re hard to stick to.

“Kale? Kombucha? Superfoods?
Are these things truly going to make me healthy?”

Trust me when I say, these were my thoughts when I started my clean eating journey, too. Committing to a “clean” lifestyle was a major challenge, and if i’m being honest, it still is today.  When we talk about a “clean” lifestyle, we mean one free of harsh chemicals, fake additives, and added sugar. I’m sharing what a day of clean eating looks like for me, in hopes it can inspire you that a few small changes could ignite a big, big transformation.

The one thing I incorporate into every single day is a superfood shake. My Shakeology shake acts as all of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and protein I could end up missing in my daily diet. It strengthens my hair and nails and keeps my skin bright. I normally have my shake after my workout, but occasionally I’ll have it for dessert and pretend it’s a milkshake.


Breakfast is one of the hardest meals to eat “clean.” If you’re like me, you’re usually in a rush in the morning, and all of the “quick” breakfast options are deliciously tempting. Vegan muffins, breakfast bars and colorful fruit-filled yogurts are among the things that light my taste buds up. But these items, when factory produced, contain excessive low-quality oil and added sugars. Try one of these delicious clean breakfast ideas, instead:

  • Sprouted grain toast with ¼ an avocado, 2 eggs and a piece of fruit

  • Plain greek yogurt with strawberries, mango and all-natural granola

  • Egg Bites


There’s no shortage of clean lunch ideas on the internet, but actually making the food and not forgetting it on your counter is the hard part. You don’t have to be a meal prep aficionado to set yourself up for success for the work day. I throw together super simple meals using mostly pre-made, clean ingredients. Some of my favorites:

  • Chopped cucumber, bell peppers, nitrate/nitrite free turkey and a cheese stick

  • An easy spinach salad with strawberries, slivered almonds, chopped grilled chicken with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

  • A Siete Foods grain-free wrap with romaine, cheddar, chopped grilled chicken, tomatoes, mustard

For me, staying on track requires forming habits and finding my go-to meals. Some people plan really well. They sit down on Sunday, write out all of their meals and ingredients for the week, make a trip and start cooking. The preparation method is definitely a highway to success. Having your meals prepared, packed and portioned makes it easy to grab, go, and goal-crush.

But I’m human, and sometimes I don’t make the time to meal prep. Sometimes I swing by Trader Joes, grab a few favorites, and whip up a go-to meal. That’s what I absolutely love about this plan. You can whip something up and still fit it into your plan.  These some of my favorite go-to goal-approved dinners:


In the beginning of my journey, I worked hard to retrain my brain to not crave sugar after dinner. I’m still not sure if the cravings were physical or in my mind, but I knew avoiding sweets, especially at night, was going to help me reach my goals. Now, when I’ve had a clean day, I reward myself with a delicious treat made from clean ingredients. My favorites are:


You’ve heard that nutrition is 80% to getting in the shape you want. Well I promise you, on this program, nutrition is not hard. In fact, not only is it not hard, but it also can be delicious and easy. If you’ve gotten this far, I’m going to assume that you’re pretty dedicated to the health goals you made for yourself on January 1st. I’ve written a comprehensive toolkit with my tips for staying on track to your health and fitness goals. This toolkit is FREE to all of my newsletter subscribers. Subscribe and get the toolkit delivered to your email!

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