6 Gifts to Invoke the Warm-Fuzzies in Your Loved Ones

The holidays give me all the feels. Feels of warm and fuzzies, feels of the chilly weather coming in (at least a slight temperature variance in San Diego), and picking out the perfect gifts. 

Well, let's be honest, in the past, I've been guilty of showing up with generic gift cards and bottles of wine.

But this year, my goal is to invoke the feeling that the gift is giving more.

As a health coach, I try to find gifts that promote a healthy mind/body balance or are goal-supporting. So I've scoured websites and Mom & Pop shops for gifts that amuse my siblings, and are socially responsible. I’ve compiled my favorite responsible and healthy, balanced lifestyle-supportive gifts and I’m sharing my favorite finds with you!

    The Passion Planner is the most detailed, intuitive planner for students, busy moms, boss ladies, and goal-setters. Each page helps you break down your goals into manageable steps. It helps you take day-by-day steps, incorporated into your busy schedule, to reach the point you’ve been striving for.
    Passion Planner operates a “Get One Give One” program, promising to give a planner to someone in need, every single time one is sold. When you buy a planner, you could be providing a planner to a student who’s so close to graduation, but really needs that extra motivation and organization, or a medical patient who needs a way to organize his health goals and doctors appointments. In addition to the “Get One Give One” program, when you purchase a Cause Planner, Passion planner donates a percentage back to your choice of over 12 different nonprofit organizations!


When the founder of Sackcloth and Ashes learned that his mother experienced homelessness, he realized that not all people choose to become homeless, but some people just need a second chance. He made it his mission to supply the homeless with the items they need most: blankets. The blankets are textured and youthful and made in the USA. Their goal is to donate one million blankets to homeless shelters by 2024.


Shopping for a Change was founded with the mission to provide sustainable employment for artisans in South America and other global communities, to fund these communities improvement projects, and to help support U.S. based nonprofits. Each item, like this gorgeous hammered gold fringe necklace, accompanies an empowering description of the artisan or creative and their sustainability and fair-trade pledge.


We light candles to infuse our homes with the warm fuzzy feelings of Christmas or the breezy feeling of summer rolling in. But how are we sure these candles aren’t infusing our homes with harmful ingredients? We can swap them out for essential oils! Each essential oil has therapeutic effects on the body and mind. Some people have reported being able to give up certain pharmaceuticals in exchange for an essential oil. Aura Cacia is a company out of Iowa that produces essential oils from pure, sustainably-sourced botanicals. The company started the Aura Cacia Positive Change Project, an annual grant program that helps women overcome difficulties and change their lives. Read more about their mission and consider swapping your cranberry tart candle


OneHope Wines creates exceptional wines, while supporting internationally vetted nonprofit organizations. Proceeds from the sale of each bottle go to specific organizations. That means you can feel even better about your splurge on Rosé or Cab Sav, knowing that each purchase leads to Ovarian Cancer awareness and education or providing timely ABA therapy for children with Autism.


There are some people in our lives that just need a little push. Whether it’s shedding the post-holiday bloat, or finding a new fitness and nutrition routine, we all need motivation sometimes. For the busy moms, the work-from-homers, and those like me, who can’t be bothered to sit in traffic for 47 minutes to get to a 45 minute workout: a Beachbody Challenge Pack is the perfect gift. A Beachbody Challenge Pack is the complete wellness package. It includes a membership to over 700 at-home, virtual workouts, all led by elite fitness trainers and coaches, tailored nutrition plans made to fit each challenger’s needs, and an accountability group for inspiration, motivation and accountability. Can you say #totalpackage gift?

Choosing the right gift is hard.

When you get a gift that gives back, or a gift that helps someone on the path to their goals, your gift means so much more than simply what it is. Have you received a super-heartfelt gift or a gift that gives back?

Tell me about your favorite gifts in the comments below.

Lauren Paige