5 Must-Have Tools for Fitness On-The-Go

Sticking to a workout regimen over the summer can be really freaking hard. Between weekend getaways, bachelorette parties and family vacations, it seems like we spend more time in the car, driving to getaways, than we do using the studio or gym membership we pay for. If we jumped off the wagon of our workout plan every time we left town, we’d NEVER reach our health and fitness goals. When leading a group of dedicated women to stick to their health and fitness goals, it’s important that I practice what I preach. Beyond that, pushing play on my workout with a view of the lake or next to my beautiful sisters fills me with gratitude.
On thing the women in my accountability group repeatedly say is, “I fell a bit behind because I was on vacation.” Taking a few days off to enjoy yourself is fine if you’re jumping back in after… but if you’re like me, and vacation means just another beautiful place to get your sweat on, I’m here for it. I’ve made a list of my top 5 fitness necessities for sticking to my goals while traveling.

1. A great pair of all-around workout sneakers
I switch up my workout plan pretty often. From a 3-week cardio and strength program, to training for a half marathon, my workouts are pretty varied. When packing for a trip, it’s easy to grab 3 pairs of sneakers, but not so easy to squeeze them all into a workout bag. So I chose a pair of sneakers that are versatile and can be used for cardio workouts, running, and even strength. I did some research for you and found a few options that are supportive enough for running, but lightweight enough for strength workouts and for packing in a carryon!


2. Sliders
From core work to cardio, sliders are one of the most versatile pieces of workout equipment you can own. They’re small and inexpensive, easily able to slide into the pocket if your bag. There are a ton of carpet slider videos on YouTube that you can pull up on your phone while you’re on vaca or a work trip. My favorite exercises with sliders are below, and you can see them all displayed in this video by Dannibelle.

  • Mountain Climbers: 60 seconds on, 30 seconds off, 10 times.

  • Hip thrusters

  • High plank scissors

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 8.25.33 AM.png

3. Bluetooth speaker
Whether we’re vacationing in a fun high rise or a relaxing beach house, one thing remains true: music and motivation go hand in hand! Nothing will kill your vibe faster than silence, or not knowing what you’re supposed to do because you can’t hear the workout leader. I bought my Anker bluetooth speaker on Amazon and I take it everywhere. When I workout, I attach my phone or ipad to the speaker so I can hear the background music and the trainer.

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 8.30.48 AM.png

3. Resistance Bands
You have probably used resistance bands in your studio classes, or have seen them on instagram. There are a TON of these bands on the market, and a TON of videos on YouTube of how you can use them in your workouts. They’re a small investment with a big return on the versatility of use. The bands go around your legs and add resistance to your workout to build strong muscles! I’m linking a really good set of bands made by Perform Better, but there are a ton of options on Amazon. I’m also including two great Youtube Videos below of at-home workouts you can do with minibands.

5. Workout Video Streaming

Of all the things I have to think about in a day, thinking up a new, effective, fun workout for 5 days of the week is not on my list. My #1 most necessary fitness accessory, is a membership to a workout streaming service. I’ve had Beachbody on Demand (BOD) for 2.5 years, and if I didn’t ever want to repeat a workout, I wouldn’t have to. The app has over 500 different workouts, so you can choose if you’re feeling cardio, you can have a high-intensity cardio day, or if you’re feeling yoga you can have a bendy, restorative day. You can use your phone to stream the workout if you’re in a pinch, or you can stream it from your computer or iPad. If you want to take out the guess-work and stream your workouts, fill out this form and I’ll help you find the best plan!

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 9.07.50 AM.png

With comfortable kicks, workouts on the go and a few pieces of lightweight equipment, you don’t have to allow your weekend getaways to put a pause on your health and fitness goals. You can also grab all of this gear and create yourself the perfect on-the-go workout kit for less than $100, so you don’t have to break the bank to support your health goals!

Do you have a favorite workout accessory?? Drop a comment below to share with me!

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