Coaching Is The Best Thing that Happened To Me

March was a pretty crazy month. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably know this already as seen through the lens of my stories and posts. You see, this March I celebrated my two-year anniversary of committing to a career in coaching. This March I also went on an all-inclusive paid vacation to the Caribbean with my business partners and my best friends. But two weeks before I stepped into my “sea legs,” I got the phone call every daughter considers her worst nightmare. I threw my cleanest black dress in a suitcase and closed my eyes while I paid for the next flight out across the country to face the death of the person who literally created me. Through the grief, sadness, stress, and confusion of losing my mom, I couldn’t help but notice there was still gratitude present. lf I I had a job that required me to “request” time off, a job that meant I wouldn’t get paid for my emergency time off, or a job where my coworkers didn’t understand what I was experiencing, the situation would have been even harder than it already was. I don’t take for granted the support and the perks that this job provides me.

I remember the girl I was before I became a coach, and I feel saddened she waited as LONG as she did  to take the leap of faith to begin her dream job. This job has tons of perks and I’ve compiled them into a list in hopes that someone like the girl I remember from two years ago, might be convinced that she can, in fact climb out of rock bottom and have a life and a job she absolutely loves.

1.      I work from literally wherever I want.


Virtual coaching means I talk to my clients and my team over text, phone, and video. This means if I’m having a tough day, I can work from my couch. If I need vitamin D, I can work from the side of a pool. If I’m in an airport waiting on a layover, I can work from my terminal. I can work the hours that I please, so I don’t have to worry about being “logged on” at specific times to comply with business hours. Some of my team members are local, which means if we want to get together, we can! And we can work wherever we want- together!

2.      Readily available accountability and motivation.

You can watch my Instagram stories and think that I’m an energetic workout-aholic who never loses motivation, but that is far from the truth. Some days I don’t have the energy, or I’ve got a creative mind of excuses to avoid working out or eating healthy. Thankfully, in these moments my accountability group comes to the rescue. Our accountability group is a group of women of all ages, sizes, jobs, fitness levels and most importantly, each with their own unique story or struggle to overcome. When I am feeling unmotivated, I think of these women. I think of how they push through their excuses or their emotions and they do what they committed to because they want to be healthier. I think of them, and I lace up my sneakers, and I push play.

3. Financial Freedom.

It still blows my mind every Thursday morning when our direct deposit hits our accounts and I stare in confusion. How am I making this much money in the health & fitness world without cleaning up sweat off a gym bike, employing a staff and paying insane overhead? Whether you want to make an extra couple hundred bucks a month for play money or turn it into a seven figure empire, this supports both sides of the spectrum.

4.      A support system.


This business is built of the act of people connecting and supporting others. This bond is what helps our challengers and our team coaches stay committed to their goals and successful in their journey. Each coach on my team is gallantly valuable and unique. When anyone on the team needs support, there’s a seasoned pro to coach you out of your slump, answer your question, or direct you to the science that explains. I think back to when I owned my own Pilates and barre studio. There were times I wanted to give up. There were times I had questions about business, about teaching, about life and I felt like I had no one to turn to. Having a support system and being a part of a team is the one of the biggest things I can contribute my success so far to.


There are two things about paid vacations that I never really understood before this. As a Pilates teacher, you only get paid when you are teaching. If you go out of town for a holiday or for leisure, you have to figure the cost of missing “work” into the budget. If you have a family emergency, you will grieve without pay.  Imagine flipping your thoughts between planning a funeral and paying your mortgage? The second thing about “paid vacations” that I didn’t understand was the ability to take one. As a business owner, I never rewarded myself. I never gave myself a “bonus” or sent myself on a “vacation” for a job well-done. I see now how important it is to give yourself time to unwind and relax, while recognizing yourself for the hard work you put in. I’m extremely grateful that the company I partner with recognizes this as well and puts forth all efforts to recognize and reward their coaches for their hard work.


6.      A healthier, happier version of myself.


When nutrition is uncomplicated and adaptable, when  workouts are fun, when team calls involve laugher, motivation and even some tough love, I feel in control of myself. I feel in control of my health and in control of my business. When this is the case, we feel like the absolute best versions of ourselves and show up for others as the best versions of ourselves. And to me, that is the ultimate goal.

I  could write 5 separate posts on the perks of online coaching and go on for days about how this job changes lives. But I channeled that information and share it in my coach mentorship group twice a month. If paid vacations, support systems, financial freedom, motivation and showing up as your best self sound like something you could get behind, you should join my coach mentorship group and learn more. I promise you, you have nothing to lose, and a whole lot of life to gain.  

If you’re ready for freedom and the life you dreamed for yourself, apply here and we’ll chat. 💖