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How to Eat Healthy as a Single Girl "On-The-Go"

It is no secret that I do not like to cook. My domestic goddess skills went out door when I became a “single lady” and moved into a space I shared with others. As a health and fitness coach, I know how important meal prepping is. In the beginning of my wellness journey, meal prepping was what helped me stay committed and kept me out of the Starbucks drive-through. These days, I’m just not into spending hours shopping, prepping, and cleaning up, all to do it over again the next day. After years of trying new things, reading labels, and measuring my portions, I feel as though I have a mental list of the on-the-go foods and the out-to-dinner foods that support my lack of homemaker skills, while also supporting my health and fitness goals. Whether you’re enjoying a night out with your girlfriends, or having an “always on the go” type of week, I’ve compiled my top suggestions for balancing “treat yo’self” with “I’m a health goddess”.

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