fall self care


When you live in Southern California it can be tricky to sense the seasons changing. We have the same climate year round and football isn’t really a big ticket item out here (I know, crazy right??).


But I was sitting with my friend Steph over coffee today and we were chatting about all the recent shifts and changes we had both been experiencing. She’s a rockstar marketing chick and I’m in the health & wellness arena, so what were our commonalities with seasonal shifts? We made the best of our time in the cocoon.  


It’s the whole caterpillar - butterfly deal. To appreciate being a butterfly or to even to get to that stage you’ve got to be patient in the cocoon.

How do we do that?


Let’s face it. The cocoon phase it is NOT comfortable.

We feel claustrophobic, stuck, stagnant and my guess is probably a little bit itchy.

But if you play your cards right (if you do the work), coming into a new season of your life as a butterfly is baddass and beyond worth the uncomfortableness to get there!

Not to sound too esoteric, but you’ve got to get CLEAR on who you are. Take 5 minutes (or if you are like me, 5 hours) to start to sort through these topics…




Out with the old, in with the new? Not necessarily, but take the time to examine who is in your life and why. When people show you who they are, believe them. Truly dream up the type of people you want to spend your time with, after all our time is limited! They might not currently be in our life, but better to get clear on who ‘your people’ are and I promise you they will magically show up. I had NO idea I needed an awe inspiring group of soul sisters around me, but they have been the biggest blessing to my coaching business.   


Are there days when going to work is a drag? Of course! I am over the moon obsessed with my job, but there are DEFINITELY certain aspects to it that are super annoying. Like typing for eight hours when I could be traipsing through a Mediterranean adventure. Buuuutttt for the most part we were not put on this planet to DRUGE our way through our careers. I’m also not naive to think you can just skip into your boss’ office and slap a two week notice down. So how do you find your passion? Go to what makes you CURIOUS. You don’t have to know your awe-inspiring life’s calling, but if you start itching at what makes you curious you may find a side hustle that gives you fulfillment outside of your typical 9 to 5 or something that could develop into what you’re really yearning for.  


Alright guys, there’s just no way around this one. For the love of all things holy, please, don’t take your health for granted.

    1. Here are some practical go-to’s to ease your way into this one -

      1. Take a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood at lunch.

      2. Drink half of your body weight in water.

      3. Get a yearly check up/blood panel to see what your areas of concern may be.

      4. Cut back on the VICES.  We all know drugs and alcohol (in excess) are bad for us, but don’t underestimate the sugary treats, fried foods, and processed stuff.


Soul Searching:

My husband is a huge cynic and critic when it comes to the ‘woo woo’ stuff. He comes from a highly intelligent science and medical background family so thinks I’m nuts when I strap my mediation headband on or chat with Jesus in the living room, but there is one thing we agree on. We all have a SOUL. I’m going to butcher this, but apparently there is scientific evidence that when we die there is unaccounted for matter (that’s the atom stuff). Meaning something leaves our bodies that cannot be accounted for. Wherever it goes after that is up to your belief system. So it would behoove us to figure out what makes us tick, right? How to get clarity on it?

    1. Meditate (there a million different ways you can do this, but start with sitting in silence for 5 minutes).

    2. Read up on a spiritual system you find intriguing (The Universe Has Your Back, The Bible, The Torah, The Quran, etc.)

    3. Spend some time trying out a church service, meditation garden, temple, out in nature, etc.  

    4. Journal about the above topics to get some peace and clarity.



OMG do we take ourselves SO seriously! When I approached taking my business online I knew it would require me to have more of a social media presence. Barf. I didn’t want to be one of those people posting about my life all the time, after all I wanted to be helping others, not saying ‘Hey! Look at me!” But when I reflected on what I would be posting to ‘lead by example’ I realized I HAD TO GET A LIFE. I had to find fun things to incorporate into my day and the way I did that was by saying YES. If I had the choice to click through Netflix or join a friend for a coffee & hike, the old me would have introvertedly picked the couch. By waking up and choosing fun everyday I don’t get out of my obligations or say yes to everything that comes through the pipeline, but I’m certainly branching out way more than I used to. How can you do this too?

    1. Go to www.MeetUp.com to find groups in your area with your same interests. They literally have everything.

    2. Google free things to do in your home town.

    3. Try a new restaurant.

    4. Listen to upbeat music.

    5. Dance in your living room to at least two songs.

Lauren Paige