Things I'm Obsessed With

Because I'm in the health and wellness industry I get hit up ALL the time to try out different gadgets, gizmos, supplements, creams, etc. Plus I'm a chick so I feel like every time I turn around a friend is trying a new direct sales company that I've got to buy a piece of Tupperware from. 

I actually met Mark (the hubby) because I happened to be out being a guinea pig for Bytox. In case you've never heard of this one - it's an actual transdermal patch claiming to infuse your body with vitamins, so you don't get hangovers. Let's just say they did not get my endorsement and I didn't carry them at the Pilates studio. 

Why do I tell you all of this? Because I am EXTREMELY choosey with who and what I endorse to you guys. I will only endorse products that I have done extensive medical research on and that work for me personally. 

Enagic Kangen Water System

If I could only recommend ONE thing you would use for the rest of your life, hands down it would be the Kangen Water System. This is not just some fancy water filter or standard water ionizer; it has three different properties that will literally change your life. It has many different settings, but for the most part, you will use it to Alkaline your water (help beat inflammation/acidic body), Ionize (provides more antioxidants in one glass than a whole garden of fruits and vegetables) and it also breaks it down to a micro cluster level (this is so it actually penetrates your cells and doesn't stay sloshing around in your tummy). For more info click the link above or photo below. 

Tower Garden & Juice Plus

I'm not gunna lie; I think supplements are totally bogus. However, people simply are not consuming enough fruits and vegetables or any kind of consistent variety of the two groups. When a friend of mine told me about the Juice Plus fruit and veggie capsules, I rolled my eyes and stared off into space while they continued on with the sales pitch. I mean come on, my diet is rich in vegetables and fruits so this clearly doesn't apply to me. The more honest I was with myself and truly examined my diet, I realized I wasn't getting enough and certainly not variety. How can they actually get fruits and vegetables into a capsule? Well they did, and quite frankly I'm still not really sure how, but I see it improve the health of my clients time and again. This is also the only protein blend I will recommend for meal replacement shakes because it is vegan, gluten-free, non-dairy, low glycemic and tummy friendly if you know what I mean. 

They also make the Tower Garden which is how I found out about the company to begin with. I am the complete opposite of a green thumb, so I was a little skeptical how this was going to all turn out. You literally just plug the thing in, and 3-4 weeks later you get the most beautiful and delicious produce right off the balcony or back porch. For more info click the link above or photo below.